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A silent epidemic is underway in Israel: the epidemic of addiction.



Addiction is one of the most common medical disorders in the world, causing significant physical and mental morbidity, and even death.



Hundreds of thousands of men and women in Israel, including children and adolescents, suffer from addiction. They are not alone: ​their families, parents, siblings, spouses, neighbors, friends, and co-workers suffer along with them. In fact, the adverse consequences of addiction extend to all sectors and socioeconomic groups in Israeli society. In the public sphere, addiction is an economic disaster that costs the Israeli economy billions of shekels.



Having long understood the enormous damage caused by addiction, most developed countries have established centers of academic excellence in the field of addiction medicine that focus on training professional clinicians in the effective treatment and prevention of addiction, and that carry out leading research in the field. But so far this type of center has been lacking in Israel.



Given this background, we saw fit to establish a national center that would spearhead the matter of addiction treatment in Israel. Our partners on this journey are the Lev HaSharon Medical Center and the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC).



of adults in Israel suffer from a substance or behavioral addiction


Our Goals at the ICA

  • Establish a multi-disciplinary center of excellence, the first of its kind in Israel, that will promote innovation in addiction medicine in all arenas: treatment, training, systemic approaches, and research.
  • Promote accessible treatment for addiction and related disorders for patients and their families.
  • Train healthcare providers to specialize in addiction, which, in turn, will help develop the field of addiction medicine in Israel.
  • Provide targeted training to medical, mental health and education professionals on identifying addiction, implementing short-term interventions, and providing referrals to professional care. 
  • Conduct large-scale, leading research in the field of ​​addiction.
  • Develop and implement prevention programs in schools throughout Israel.
  • Lead campaigns to raise public awareness.

Our activity is focused on four main areas: