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Coping with the Global Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic poses significant challenges for all of us, including home quarantine, reduced contact with close friends and family, job losses, financial anxiety, and a relentless stream of fear-inducing news. This combination of anxiety, on the one hand, and quarantine and boredom, on the other, can lead people with addiction issues to experience increased cravings and a return to addictive behavior patterns. Moreover, this complex situation also promotes the development of use disorders in the general population and compounds the negative impact of addiction on family life. As a result, we predict a surge in addiction-related issues and are focused on ways to help mitigate the development and consequences of addiction during this crisis.

The ICA is always available to you and certainly in times of crisis. In this section we have compiled a variety of tools to help you – professional therapists, family members, and of course those who suffer from addictions.

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ICA Team