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ICA Campus

ICA Campus


In July 2021, we launched the ICA Campus.

Launching the ICA campus is a significant milestone for addiction treatment in Israel and beyond. We accomplished our goal to establish a home for addiction education and training with both a physical center and an online platform. The Campus was created as an intellectual think tank where mental health professionals can elevate their skills and knowledge.

Educating or training professionals in the field of addiction is key in promoting and improving the standard of care of addiction treatment. The ICA is the only institution in Israel today to offer clinical training that specializes in addiction treatment.

Our training programs are designed to deepen the understanding of the phenomenon of addiction, including its causes and consequences, and to provide professionals with tools to identify and treat people suffering from addiction and their families.

To date, the ICA has trained hundreds of mental health care providers in organizations such as the IDF, the Ministry of Health, and the public HMOs.

Our training staff includes specialists in integrative addiction treatment, which includes group, family, and couples therapy, individual psychotherapy, as well as medical and rehabilitative care experts.

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The ICA campus main goals:

1. Training the mental health care providers community in how to identify and treat addiction or in case needed, how to refer for further specialized treatment

2. Making a significant change in the perception and understanding of the Israeli health and education systems regarding the severity of the addiction pandemic and the rising need for professional addiction training for Israeli mental health care-providers.



We recently surveyed mental health professionals in order to assess their need for additional professional knowledge in the field of addiction treatment. In Israel, there are very few options for care providers to learn about treatment approaches that specifically target addiction.

The results indicate that many medical and mental health providers encounter addiction issues at work daily, both in private clinics and public institutions. About half of the mental health providers indicated that over 20% of their patients have addiction issues. The survey demonstrated a lack of knowledge among those professionals with 85% of the providers stating they are highly interested in obtaining professional tools in the field of addiction. There is no doubt that there is a great desire and need for addiction-related knowledge among care providers.

The Coronavirus and its challenges have been a central catalyst for expanding our services, both in content and channels. The high demand for ICA’s services during the quarantines necessitated a significant and immediate response, both for addicts and their families but mainly for care providers. ICA sought to meet that need by creating the ICA campus, providing a variety of services and information under one umbrella.

We witness an increasing need for well-trained professionals in the field of addiction and the demand for these training programs and online courses far exceeds supply. It is our mission to improve the standard of care for the treatment of addiction and to make Israeli society stronger by training the people who help others.


Our programs

Two-year flagship program – The ICA is the only institution in Israel today to offer clinical training that specializes in treating addiction. Our flagship program offers treatment providers a unique opportunity for in-depth study of the field of addiction. The program was developed by the ICA staff, based on leading evidence-based models from around the world. It offers participants a wide range of information, tools and experiences that are necessary for the development of quality, professional and advanced protocols for addiction treatment.

Training the IDF mental health practitioners – we predict that by the end of 2022, 600 graduates of our training program will be equipped with new professional intervention tools and treatment modalities. Using these tools, they will be able to serve thousands of patients – both soldiers and veterans across the Israeli society each year.

We aim for a minimum of 75% satisfaction rates of trainees in post-seminar surveys.

Online Training – Our first online course “Cannabis: The Good, the Bad and the Not So Bad”, ran through July 2021. In just five days, the course reached its maximum enrollment capacity. We plan to expand our curriculum by adding additional courses such as “The Motivational Approach: How to Motivate Change” as well as an introductory course on how to treat addiction.

We are confident that the demand for these courses will exceed supply as well and we plan to keep on providing health care professionals with the best therapeutic tools possible.

Additional topics we teach \ train in ICA Campus (online \ physical \ hybrid training)

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Addiction Medicine

Addictions at the ultra-orthodox (Charedi) community

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