Research at ICA

Research at the ICA investigates addiction at the level of the individual and society – with a focus on treatment, prevention, and promoting health and social services at the national level.

  • Research on prevention programs

    As with any other medical condition, prevention is a cornerstone in dealing with the phenomenon of addiction. The Israel Center on Addiction (ICA), in cooperation with the Maytiv Center at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, conducts research that focuses on the effectiveness of prevention programs based on the principles of positive psychology. In this framework, the ICA will implement a prevention program in several junior high schools in the Sharon region, which will be accompanied by research on the efficacy of preventing the use of addictive substances (such as cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs) and addictive behaviors.

  • Clinical research

    The Israel Center on Addiction is conducting several clinical studies that evaluate the efficacy of treatments offered at the Center, and of innovative therapies in the field. This includes monitoring all patients at the clinic starting from the date of initial contact, and at regular intervals until the end of treatment and thereafter. With the help of this research scheme, we intend to develop a personalized approach to the systemic treatment of addiction, one that tailors treatment modules to each patient according to his or her characteristics and needs. In addition, the Center conducts clinical research that examines the efficacy of innovative interventions and medications for the treatment of addiction.

  • Epidemiological research

    In order to map the prevalence of various addictions in the general population and in different segments of the population (e.g., among different age groups, sectors, geographical areas, etc.), the Israel Center on Addiction is conducting a series of epidemiological studies in Israel. Based on representative samples of the Jewish and Arab populations, we are conducting the first studies of their kind on the prevalence of various addictions, and of various psychiatric disorders, in these population sectors. We are also investigating the contribution of risk factors, including national risk factors (such as national traumas), to the development of addiction in Israel.

  • Economic research

    In order to examine the economic damage of addiction in Israel, alongside the costs of preventive interventions and effective treatment, the Israel Center on Addiction is conducting economic research that focuses on the “burden of illness” of addiction. We focus on the economic damage of alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, and addictive behaviors both in terms of their direct costs (e.g., costs of medical treatment for physical illnesses caused by addiction) and indirect costs (e.g., costs of declining labor productivity as a result of addiction).