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The training program is intended for psychiatrists and psychologists who have completed their internships, and for social workers with a master’s degree.

The Israel Center on Addiction has set as its goal to promote the treatment of addiction in Israel. To achieve this end, we are running a comprehensive and professional training program, the first of its kind in Israel, that focuses on research-based treatment approaches to addiction. The program was developed in collaboration with leading researchers and clinicians from around the world, and members of the Center’s international advisory committee.

The training program is intended for psychologists and psychiatrists who have completed their internships and residencies, as well as social workers with a master’s degree. It lasts for two years and includes an extensive introduction to addiction in its various forms. As part of the training, clinicians will be exposed to the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge in the field of addiction, and to the leading treatment and intervention approaches in the world today. At the same time, the program includes clinical training in a clinic specializing in addiction treatment, with both one-on-one and group instruction and guidance.

During the second year of the program, as the participants continue to deepen their familiarity with clinical approaches to addiction treatment, they will also receive instruction on developing their teaching and management skills, and on how to lead organizational and social change.

The professionalization program will include the following subjects:

  • Extensive theoretical background: biological, psychological, and social models for understanding addiction.
  • Types of addiction: substance and behavioral addictions.
  • Diagnosis: evaluating patients and diagnosing addiction and related disorders; differential diagnosis.
  • Treatment approaches: medication, motivational approach, cognitive and behavioral therapy, dynamic approaches, the Twelve Steps.
  • Types of therapy: individual therapy, couples and family therapy, cooperative therapy, group therapy, integrative therapy.
  • Rehabilitation: rehabilitation programs and social services.
  • Selected topics: pain and addiction, attention deficit disorder and addiction, gender issues and addiction, drug use among Israeli travelers, drug use in festivals and “nature parties,” etc.
  • Addiction throughout the life cycle: youth, adults, and the elderly.
  • Trauma and addiction.
  • Addiction policy in Israel and around the world.


Methods of study during the course are varied and include:

  • Lectures and lessons
  • Participation in conferences and guest workshops with leading lecturers from Israel and abroad
  • Learning through observation, practice, case studies and discussions
  • Individual and group clinical training
  • Visits to treatment and rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, clinics, therapeutic communities and more
  • Assigned readings and self-study



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