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In recent years, addiction has been recognized as an epidemic in many countries around the world. Given the tremendous suffering on the individual level and the astronomical economic costs of addiction, many developed countries have constructed national programs in order to deal with addiction and its associated harms.

One of the biggest challenges that people suffering from addiction face is the negative stigma associated with the disorder. Although addiction is a healthcare issue, this stigma prevents many from seeking treatment, which only further silences the problem and causes immense suffering and increasing harms to individuals and their surroundings.

The ICA aims to promote the treatment of addiction in Israel, to promote a national program on addiction, to increase the accessibility and quality of care, and to advance a national prevention program. This is done by conducting research to better understand the prevalence of addiction in Israel and its consequences for society; by providing the public with easily accessible and professional information about addiction; and by launching educational campaigns on various media platforms in order to reduce the stigma of addiction.

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