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What we do in the field to promote solutions for addiction prevention and treatment

The Israel Center on Addiction & Mental Health is fully committed to providing comprehensive support and services in the field of mental health and addiction during these difficult times.

The relationship between post-trauma and addiction has been long established. Today, we are in the midst of a national state of emergency that requires a collective response.

Given the high levels of anxiety and stress days, there is a significant risk of widespread resorting to addictive substances and behaviors amd retiriggering of trauma, in order to momentarily calm turbulent souls.

We are facing a long-term challenge, and there is a genuine concern that as people turn to addictive substances and behaviors in this time of crisis, it may become a habit that is difficult to break in the future.

For those who are already struggling with addiction, there is a greater level of risk during this period. Whether these are people who have already stopped using and are at a risk of relapse, or people who have significantly reduced their use and are also at risk.

Your generous support will enable us to provide essential mental health and trauma services and help those who have been affected and help them heal and recover.

Our specialized clinical team is already in the field, actively engaging in targeted interventions to combat PTSD symptoms, alleviate anxiety, and manage trauma through various techniques, including group and individual therapy.

program is carefully planned, executed and evaluated.

This process ensures that every dollar is well spent, with the highest social impact possible.

Thank you.

All donations are tax deductible in Israel (section 46). Donations via credit card are tax deductible in the USA (501(c)(3)), UK and Canada as well.

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