Field of Research

The ICA’s research department conducts applied research in order to advance resource allocation, planning of services and treatment approaches. The department focuses on three main fields of research: economic, epidemiological and clinical. The ICA also collaborates with researchers from various other fields, including neuroscience and education. 

The ICA conducted studies in the following fields:


The first study of its kind to examine the prevalence of various addictions in the adult Jewish population in Israel. We also conducted a study on the stigma of addiction.


In collaboration with Deloitte’s consulting arm, we conducted a unique economic study that examined the economic cost of addiction to the Israeli economy. In addition, we conducted a study in collaboration with Clalit Health Services focusing on healthcare costs of individuals suffering from prescription opioid addiction, compared to matched controls.


An ongoing clinical research study based on the data collected from each patient at the clinic, starting from admission. Thus far, data on more than 1,050 patients has been collected. This data allows us to examine the efficacy of various interventions, and to share this accumulated knowledge with other treatment centers in Israel and around the world.

Prevention Program Research

In collaboration with the Maytiv Center for Positive psychology at Reichman University, the Israel Center on Addiction is leading research that focuses on building and evaluating prevention programs based on positive psychology. To date, these programs have helped more than 4,000 teachers and some 300,000 children and teens in Israeli schools, with impressive results in terms of reducing addictions and increasing mental wellbeing.

Training Program Research

The Israel Center on Addiction operates “Campus ICA” – a training center that works to train a wide range of professionals in providing primary and advanced solutions to patients struggling with addictions. The center’s training programs are supported by research studies that evaluate their success and the extent of the assistance they offer the professionals, in order to continuously improve and redesign the programs for greater efficacy.

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